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Effective organization needs effective organism that is the people, who always need to be smart enough to interact dynamically. Through our programs we inspire people to rebuild their right motivation and equip them with the team- work and leadership skills.

Leadership Program
1. Professional Management Program
2. Coaching & Counseling
3. Effective Leadership
4. Managing Conflict
5. Managing People

Excellent Service Program

1. Customer Service Excellence
2. Developing Sustainable Service
3. High Impact Service Skill
4. Effective Telephone Skill
5. Excellent Receptionist Program

Individual Development Program
1. Business Communication & Interpersonal Skill
2. Effective Negotiation Skill
3. Effective Public Speaking
4. Effective Time Management
5. Stress Management Program
6. Excellent Secretary Program
7. Developing Excellent Habits


A combination of business skills with the powerful Microsoft tools to develop people in preparing and providing timely professional information.

Secretary Program
1. Excellent Secretary – Mobile Office for Secretary
2. Optimizing Microsoft Office for Secretary

Project Management Program
1. Excellent Project Leader with Microsoft Project

Management Excellence
1. Effective Filing Management
2. Effective Management Presentation Skill
3. Excellent Finance Program with Microsoft Excel
4. Excellent Procurement Program with Microsoft Excel
5. Finance for Non Finance with Microsoft Excel
6. Office Administration Program

Individual Development Program
1. Effective Business Writing with Microsoft Word
2. Effective Report Writing with Microsoft Word

IT Security
1. IT Infrastructure Library – Exam Preparation
2. IT Security Management

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