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MOC 55249 A: Developing with the SharePoint Framework



This five-day instructor-led course is intended for developers who want to be able to create client-side applications with SharePoint Framework. In this course, students will learn about the new tools needed when developing with SharePoint Framework. Next to that, JavaScript and its potential pitfalls are discussed, leading into using TypeScript as typed superset of JavaScript. Students will also be introduced to the JavaScript library React, which is commonly used inside SharePoint Framework components. Using all these, previously mentioned, techniques, students will learn how to build client-side web parts, extensions, field customizers with SharePoint Framework. Finally, students will learn how to include other JavaScript frameworks, provide unit tests, configure, the packaging and deploying their solutions.



Participants in this training ideally have a few years of [web, client side] development experience. No TypeScript or JavaScript experience is required [but JavaScript experience] recommended. Knowing your way around SharePoint Online is advised



5 Days/Lecture & Lab



This course is intended for experienced developers who want to start building solutions with SharePoint Framework.




  • SharePoint Framework Overview

  • Preparing your machine for the SharePoint Framework

  • Node.js Modules

  • SharePoint Framework Client Web Parts

  • JavaScript Introduction

  • JavaScript Language

  • JavaScript Patterns

  • TypeScript

  • Client Web Part Properties

  • Loading Frameworks and Libraries

  • SASS

  • Loading SharePoint Data in a client web part

  • Build and deploy your SharePoint Framework project

  • React

  • Framework and Office-UI-Fabric

  • Deploying SharePoint Artifacts

  • Microsoft Graph

  • SharePoint Framework Extensions

  • Webpack

  • Gulp

  • Unit testing web parts

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